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Welcome to Medieval Society Unikankare!

We are interested in the Middle Ages and Renaissance and we research and re-enact this time period in various ways.

Right now most of our meetings are on a break due to the current situation. Our virtual meetings are held via Zoom, usually on Mondays at 18-20. The link to the meeting is posted on the Facebook group (Unikankareen keskusteluryhmä).

We have regular meetings both for handicrafts and historical dancing, and occasional meetings on other topics related to that time period. These meetings are open to anyone interested and they are mostly free of charge. More information, in Finnish, is on our activities (”Toiminta”) page, and you can ask more by email or in our Facebook group.

Unikankare also organises medieval weekends complete with things like fighting tournaments, feasts and dancing balls, like our traditional Midwinter Feast at January or February each year.

We also take part in many medieval themed events in and around Turku, like the Turku Medieval Market, and events at the Turku Castle. On the last Saturday of each month, we often dance and make crafts at the Turku Castle at 2-4pm.

Keskiaikavaatteisiin pukeunut miesoletettu istuu Turun linnan ikkunasyvennyksessä

Don’t just sit alone, come and dance with us!

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